Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that 😉

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You don’t fit in.
You never have done.
But instead of owning it and becoming the artist, entrepreneur or Lady Gaga-esque superstar weirdo you’ve always secretly dreamed of, you’re pissed off, anxious and your head will not shut the fuck up about it.
You grew up thinking something was wrong with you. And today, well, you’re only operating at a minuscule fraction of your awesomeness, if at all.
It’s a fucking crime.
Still stuck in a job, life or business that feels two sizes too small; days are passing by, and you’re not travelling the world, you’re not spending time with people and clients who really get you, and you’re definitely not having all the fun.
Dude, come on, it’s time to do something about this.


You want to be yourself. You want to know who you are. You want to feel good. You want to be happy. You want more confidence. You want more adventures. You want to quit your shitty job. You want to stand out more in your business. You want purpose. You want meaning. And you want to grab life by the balls.

…People realise how awesome they are!
I’m a Photographer, Self-Discovery Facilitator & Professional Rebel.
Lighting the way for frustrated free spirits, cow-hearted creatives and rebels with a cause, who just aren’t quite sure what it is yet.
Inspiring those who feel like they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world.
Seeing the seekers, explorers and adventurers for who they really are and reflecting it back at them until they see it for themselves.
Together we go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.


Once upon a time I had a photography business.
It was really good. I was really good. Except I just couldn’t see it. This is a story how low self esteem killed a perfectly good business…

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Just be yourself – words we’ve heard millions of times. Hellooooo… But how? It’s not like anyone actually teaches us how, is it?! We spend our youth paying homage to the high school hierarchy; fit in, or get the crap beaten out of you…

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The way I felt about myself fuelled my anxiety and depression. And depression and anxiety fuelled how I felt about myself.
I’d brave it and make some big changes in my life, like get a new job or move house, and it helped for a short while…

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(read this aloud doing the wonder woman pose, imagining the item of your choice placed upon your head helping you feel all powerful, sparkly and shit)

I believe in unicorns.
 I also believe that the way most of us live, work and think is utter bollocks – designed to keep us in our own heads, feeling shit about ourselves and in search of something to make it all go away… really quickly.
 I want to live in a world where we realise there is another way than all of this headfuckery; where instead of using all our precious life energy to beat ourselves up, compare ourselves to other people and have imaginary competitions, we actually stick the middle finger up to it all and turn life well and truly around.
And I’m on a mission to do just that; to help people feel good – about life, about themselves, about who they are so they can send ripples of awesomeness and joy out into the world and make it a better place for everyone, even the meanies.
will not rest until I am able to reflect people’s own sparkle and superpowers so brightly that they come to see and believe it for themselves.
It’s my gift and the world bloody well needs it.


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