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I want to feel trapped, bored and stuck in one place. I want to be exhausted with no time or energy to do the things I love. I want to spend my life doing what other people expect me to and feel so unsure of myself  I become anxious, depressed and utterly lost. 


I inspire people to be themselves through creativity, courage and a sense of wonder.

Lighting the way for frustrated free spirits, cow-hearted creatives and rebels with a cause, who just aren’t quite sure what that cause is yet.
Hello! My name is Marie-Claire,
I’m about to go balls out on the life story here but if you’re after the short and sweet official bio, click here.
If not, grab a brew – it’s nice to meet you.
Little did I know, way back in 2006, that getting a little camera would not only lead me onto the path of self employment with my first ‘training wheels’ business, but that it would actually help me turn my life around and find happiness, self confidence and work out who the hell I really was.
You see back then, I worked at a job I came to truly despise; one that promised me the world, but never actually delivered; one that I thought I ‘should’ do, rather than wanted to do – not that I knew what I wanted to do; and one that paid me a decent wage, so that I could do creative things in my own time – because after all ‘artists and creatives don’t make any money’.
All it did was leave me feeling stressed and depressed. I ended up getting signed off with burn out. I was that exhausted from keeping face and not having a melt down from all the office bitching, that I had no oomph left in me to get creative or do anything really. Instead I partied. The boys I lived with were quite impressed at my vodka drinking skills. 
One good thing about the job was getting a decent bonus in my first year. It enabled me to book a little solo trip to Canada and get myself a fairly decent ‘point and shoot’ camera – a much more sensible option than blowing it on beer, pizza and clubbing.
A true pat-on-the-back moment of responsibility for me. Woo!
Getting a camera was an important thing for me at the time. I was sick of never remembering anything good in my life. It used to really upset me when friends would talk about things we did together and I wouldn’t be able to recall anything about them – I felt like something was wrong with me. But the thing that hurt me the most was when people would chat about their childhood memories and I wasn’t able to partake in the conversation. 
Due to some less than idyllic moments growing up, my brain lost the ability to take in good memories as it was too busy stuffing down the bad ones it didn’t want me to remember. Getting a camera was going to be my way to remember all the nice things I did actually do. It became my way to remember that my life wasn’t actually that bad as my head was trying to make out.
I started shooting the odd gig and DJ night for my friends as they seemed to love the photos I was putting up on myspace (remember that?). And our cleaning lady at work pretty much informed me that I was photographing her son’s wedding later that year. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d never actually been to a wedding – thankfully I smashed it.
I came to realise it was something that I was good at. I also it enjoyed doing it too.
I decided to leave the job and go back to do another degree – despite already being paid for taking photos, I didn’t have any confidence and thought I needed something to prove I could do it.
It was probably also an excuse to put off growing up a little bit longer 🙂 
My tutor immediately saw past the façade I presented to everyone else and publically shamed me in front of my class. I both hated him and loved him for seeing the real me at the same time – a part of myself I hid from everyone else. 
I started using the camera as a bridge, to get out more, interact with new people and slowly unfurl from my protective shell. I started using the camera to explore feelings and emotions when they came up instead of stuffing them back down and numbing. 
I began photo projects to study people, their behaviours and interactions. And eventually I plucked up the courage to set up a business (with a friendly kick up the arse from my other half).
I found out that having a business really is the biggest personal growth tool you can ever imagine – taking you to the heart of who you are and what is possible.
It completely shattered my life into a million pieces but by picking up the pieces I wanted to move forwards with, it brought me back to who I really am.
By finding out that your outer world experience really is a reflection of your inner world I now not only continue to specialise in event photography but I help people, who like me, are desperate to be free, authentic and true to themselves, embrace authenticity, freedom and a fulfilled life.
I can now safely say I fucking love my life. I get paid to be me, hehe 🙂

The Official Bio

Marie-Claire is a creative entrepreneur on a mission to find a better world – both inside and out. She lights the way for those who are desperate to feel free and do their own thing but who are perhaps lacking in the confidence department.
From a stifling corporate career in modern foreign language (she’s studied 7!) she escaped and embraced creativity – her photography taking her throughout the UK and abroad; her happiness mission landing her interviews with Virgin, Standard Issue Magazine and Smart Healthy Women in Australia; and her writing and infectious spirit touching the hearts and changing the lives of many across the globe.
Bouncing back herself, from a life she thought she ‘should’ be living and the mess it got her into, she’s now hooked on adventure, self-discovery and being true to herself. She encourages others who feel lost to embrace a little magic and turn their own negatives into positives – a modern day alchemist with sprinkles.
How can I help you ?


I basically help people be happy, get to know themselves and work out their purpose in life via the means of photography – reconnecting with creativity and their inner child. 


I write about my journey, my experiences and what it’s like running a business and going for your dreams with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety so you don’t have to feel alone.


I facilitate and run workshops and talks on happiness, getting to know yourself, learning to feel self-confident and how to be creative and embrace your inner child.


I take photos because I love it, I am really very good at it and I love the way I can show people there is another way – having your picture taken doesn’t have to suck and making memories of the best bits in life is an awesome way to keep you sane.


I mentor those who want to know how to find their purpose, accept their weirdness as their super power to enjoy what they have now and develop the courage to grab life by the balls and make it their bitch.
What am I sayin' ?


Mei ludus efficiendi ei. Sea summo mazim ex, ea errem eleifend definitionem vim.