Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that 😉

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Showing up as your full, true and authentic self is hard.


Especially as society tries to force any individuality out of us;


Telling us to conform, to be accepted, to blend in and be…


But the thing is – when you blend in, you don’t get noticed.


And as a business owner, that sucks.


It’s your shiny, sparkly self that gets you noticed.


Not the laptop lifestyle,


Not the peony, pastels and pearls in Paris bollocks,


Or anything else so cliché it makes you do a little vomit in your mouth.




We spend so much time worrying about not being liked and not being accepted,  


We tone ourselves down, 


We hide our quirks,


We and try not to rock the boat too much.


This trying to fit in is bloody hard work.



But it’s not your fault.


I know you’ve always felt a little misunderstood.


Longing for someone to truly get you, to feel able to fully shine and for everything to just feel in frickin’ alignment.


How about turning that shit around once and for all and using your utter youness as the best dickhead filter out there?


A filter for those who would love to work with you


A filter for those who have been waiting an absolute age to throw their money at someone JUST LIKE YOU!


And a filter that blocks anybody who isn’t anything but a perfect fit to work with you*

*say goodbye to that old familiar sinking feeling of potential pain in the arse client – scare them off before they even get in touch!



Like I said, it’s not easy, sometimes we need a little helping hand.


Someone who sees our soul, our potential and our sparkle, even when you try your godamned hardest to hide it.


Someone who will gently push you out of your comfort zone, with love, cheekiness and a bit of a no bullshit attitude, because that’s where the magic lies.


Sometimes you just need a little rebel to encourage you to shine.


And here I am.



My most popular package is the half-day personal branding shoot – £1,111. Higher and lower priced options are also available.


All shoots include:

A pre-shoot meet up either online or in-person to get to know you, your business, and personal brand.

Guidance, support and plans for our day together.

A unique vision and vibe board to get the ‘feel’ of our shoot.

A fun, inspiring and chilled adventure together on the day of our shoot.

A collection of all images taken on the day, laid out to help you choose your favourites.

Specialist guidance on which images to choose.

High-resolution retouched jpeg images – the quantity depends on what package you booked, and you can always add more on after your shoot.


I’m based in the North West of England, but as you can tell from my portfolio and blog, I love going on adventures! So if you’d feel more comfortable with me coming to you so that all you need to worry about is looking and feeling tip-top, amazeballs and awesome, we can totally discuss this in our pre-shoot meet up.


If you have any other questions, give me a shout here.


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