Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that 😉

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…about photography

“I felt like a goddess…”

Although I am not really lacking in confidence and I am quite happy to bare some flesh in front of people (??), I do (surprisingly) feel really awkward in front of a camera. I don’t feel like I am photogenic and I have always been disappointed with photos taken of me in the past where I have felt like I actually looked better in the flesh. This can have an effect on your confidence by making you feel like your own perceptions are flawed or inaccurate. 

In July this year, I had worked so hard on my aesthetics training and dieting for a fitness competition that I asked Maz if she would shoot me. I knew she would be the perfect choice and I was right! She was so warm and unassuming, I felt at ease straight away. She listened to how I felt about looking directly at the camera and she captured the look I really wanted to achieve. I wanted to show muscularity and definition (which I had worked so hard for) but in a feminine and sultry way. She took her time with me and was so patient – especially as I was extremely tired and hungry whilst posing as it was peak week of my prep!! She was also extremely encouraging… I left the studio grinning. I felt like a goddess which was a huge ego boost just before my comp too (which I went on to win!!) I can’t recommend Maz enough – a true professional and an innovative photographer who is just gorgeous and so down to earth!!”

Gemma Ayers, Pure Elite Pro Winner

All self consciousness evaporates within minutes…”

Rather than using a free photographer provided by the BBC, I chose to pay to work with Marie-Claire because I saw how natural, encouraging and enthusiastic she was when she was shooting at a wedding I DJ’d at. I really do not like having my photograph taken. Unfortunately (in this particular respect), I work in the media and having your photograph taken is a necessary part of the role.

Marie-Claire is very personable and empathetic. I think she can tell if you feel a little uncomfortable but is skilled at tailoring the shoot and her approach to you, so that all that self consciousness evaporates within minutes. She has very good ideas, works quickly (but doesn’t rush you) and is very reliable.”

Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“One word: perfect…”

I’d met Marie-Claire several times and that’s why I wanted to use her – bags of personality and professional at the same time. The session was brilliant. I’ve been in the company of lots of photographers before, but in different circumstances and this is the first time as the client. One word: perfect.

Yes, we can all take a photo now and again but it takes someone really special to understand what you want and deliver that professionally – and I have found that person!! 🙂

The photos were more than perfect. I was so pleased with the result and they’ve improved my marketing presence 200% – and I’ve booked another session for next week!”

Richard Smith, The Wine School of Cheshire



“Sassy, vivacious, caring and a great photographer. What’s not to like?”

– Andy Johnson, BBC TV Presenter


“Marie-Claire is an absolute joy to work with. She’s full of fun and great at making her clients feel relaxed. I couldn’t be happier with my business photos and am so glad I booked a shoot with Mare-Claire – it was definitely money well spent!”

– Eleanor Toal, All Natural English


“Marie-Claire was a delight to work with – bubbly, fun, puts people at ease and unobtrusive – all of which are essential for an event of this type and magnitude – 275 business women are a force to be reckoned with.

Our day is a challenge for a photographer as we have multiple strands of activity running concurrently and over 30 sessions during the day. This required Marie-Claire to plan her time well to capture the shots that we needed from each session and zone and also to snap those impromptu moments that capture the spirit of the day.

Reaction to the photos has been excellent and they have been showcased on diverse forums including the UK Global Entrepreneurship Week photo stream and Big Society Awards Newsletter.

Marie-Claire did a fantastic job – so much so that she’s already booked for next year’s event!”

– Melanie Bryan OBE, Enterprise Champion, Public Sector Tendering Expert, Growth Mentor, Community Catalyst

Some of my amazing clients:

“Omgiddyknickynacks these are AMAZEBALLS!!!”


…about events & experiences



I would like to firstly thank you for creating this challenge. I felt it was something completly different from other challenges and that’s mainly because of your infectious enthusiasm. I really enjoyed the positive twist you gave and how I could relate it to my everyday life. I enjoyed your energy, & how creative the challenge was. I could have done a few more days! 

I felt excited at the start to try something different. I wasn’t sure what to expect so went in open minded. Over all I felt happier and loved the fact that the tips you gave I could use over and over, so will be using them.

I love your style it’s so refreshing. I am deffo a super fan.

– Amanda, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge


Marie-Claire Ashcroft is the real deal.  She is honest and authentic about her own struggles.   She is also an advocate that there are many simple tools out there that can help.  Her delivery is fun and upbeat.  She shares what has worked for her and encourages others to do the same.  Her focus is on easy wins and small tweaks that add up to a happier you. Her daily emails are like a happiness injection. The videos are short and Marie-Claire’s infectious (in a good way!) personality radiates and compels you to pay attention.  The group is fantastic for accountability and Marie-Claire is active in it to support you.  The best thing about the group is the feeling that Marie-Claire gets you.

– Marie, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge


The challenge came at a great time for me, had 2 months off work after a bit of a breakdown and this was a great opportunity to test myself.

I love your style! It’s so refreshing to see someone in your line of work that’s relaxed and genuine and just more my kind of gal! I can imagine having all the fun with you at a festival, dancing our tits off!

All in all, proper well good and thank you so much. I need reminding of these fundamentals of well-being all the time please!! How do you do it??! I’ve started writing post its and sticking them on the fridge so that’s a start 🙂

Anyhoo much love and luck and happiness in your endeavours

– Anais, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge


Just wanted to say thanks for the challenge. It was a particularly awful week for me and I very nearly pulled out of the challenge altogether. However I actually think it helped. I did at one point completely lose my shit in a spectacular fashion which I have never done before but I think that also helped. It was like a release and then breathe and start again.

– Gemma, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge


“Thank you for everything, I enjoyed last week immensely; thought I might be on a tremendous downer now but the great thing is, you’ve invited us to stay so, thank you again. I love your videos, I said before, you’re a star – so much better than watching the TV (there is so little on there these days, ha ha). So was it a good week overall? Of course it was. Would I do it again? I think. Maybe. Not too difficult though? Definitely want to continue, with something.

So thank you again. You are wonderful. Where you get all your knowledge from I can only imagine, I must read more of your blog(s), perhaps I’d find out then.

– Robert, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge


Thank you for you happiness dares last week. The activities I try to do anyway, but it was great to have a reminder to do them as well as a supportive community to share experiences with. Keep spreading the love and happiness, you’re doing a great job! 🙂 xxx

– Holly, Participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge

“What you do saves lives!”

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