Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that 😉

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Know yourself, be yourself & f*%@ing own it.

The Sadsack to Superhero Experience.
A unique self-esteem experience: an online activity book like no other – with accompanying videos, a private community and access to me.
It’s a tried and tested system to help lost little weirdos like you shine!
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The Big Book of I’m Awesome Experience.
Creative Self-Esteem and Confidence Workshops combining playful discussion, individual and group activities to explore issues common to us all, whilst creating and decorating a personal ‘Big Book of I’m Awesome’. 
An in-person experience – find out more here

Know yourself, be yourself & f*%@ing own it.

Personal Branding Photography
For creative, rebellious and visionary business owners – capturing their awesome spirit on camera.
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For creative, innovative, authentic and ambitious visionaries, leaders and rebels, developing the confidence to be themselves in life and business then capturing their awesome spirit on camera.
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Know yourself, be yourself & f*%@ing own it.

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation.
Empowering Talks and Workshops on Mental Health and Wellness, Not Fitting in, Self Acceptance, Confidence & Creative Living
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Book my brain for creative consulting to help you access the bits of you that you can’t, inject creativity into your existing ideas and offerings and generally help you sort your bloody life out.
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Invitations on Random One-Off Mini Adventures, Freebies, First Dibs at Events, Special Offers, Reminders that cool stuff is happening, General Cheeriness, Inspiration, Complete and Utter Waffle too.

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Life. Unedited.

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Happiness Ninja