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Is your brain a massive dickhead?

Listen up oh fabulous one,

There you are, a lovely, creative human bean – talented, ambitious and passionate, yet ever so slightly weird and wonderful at the same time.

It’s a delicious combination.

The thing is though… people just don’t get you.

You’re trying your best to human and not feel like shit whilst you ride the wave called life but the world doesn’t always feel like an easy place to live in, and well, everyone else just seems to have their shit together.

But you’re not like all the others.

Feeling frustrated, misunderstood and even a little bit broken – you hide parts of yourself, you tell yourself there’s something wrong with you, that you’re flawed, a failure and there’s something about you that you need to be ashamed of.

There’s a glorious spark inside you and no matter how much you try and contain it and tamp it down, everyone around you can feel it – it’s the reason why you’ve never felt like you fitted anywhere.

Your light is really shiny and bright.

Instead of screaming from the rooftops and celebrating it, you hold back, wear a mask and make yourself small so you don’t get judged or make everyone around you uncomfortable.

There’s so much you do want to do with your life – dreams, ideas, adventures – things that just feel like wayyyy too much fun to even be allowed to happen in one lifetime…

But the very thought of actually making it happen makes you shrink, hide and curl up in a ball.

Cue brain in cockblock mode…

Telling you you’re weak, you can’t do it, and you’re not good enough.

That you’re broken, that there’s something wrong with you and that it’s too hard.

That there’s no point in even trying.

That spark inside you starts to dim and fade away.

You go back to holding yourself back again, hiding, and feeling awkward.

Living a life that feels like my skinny jeans… two sizes too small.

You would LOVE…

  • To feel safe to express what’s inside you – your thoughts, worries and feelings without worrying about putting on a front or feeling like you have to hold parts of yourself back.

  • To meet some likeminded people, and find a place where you belong – where you feel understood, seen and valued for who you are… not who you think you need to be.

  • To feel supported, celebrated and understood as you go on an adventure to become the person you want to show up as in this world… the person you really are on the inside, but keep hiding from us all.

Because doing this on your own, with only that brain of yours for company feels like utter sh*t.

All you want to do is…

Show up, live your life, stop making excuses and procrastinating but then your fucking brain slams on the brakes before you’ve even started.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s time to stick all that in the fuck it bucket and show up as the YOU-est version of you, just like you’ve always wanted to.

Introducing the Courage and Confidence Crew!

It’s legit the most supportive community on the internet…

Daring you to show up and express the person you really are inside – in life and in business.

In this membership community:

  • You’ll stop seeing yourself as some kind of failure – because what you believe is some kind of flaw is actually your super power. Together we’ll uncover your gifts and make a plan on how you can use your powers for good.

  • You’ll take much better care of yourself – no nap shaming or emotion shaming, you’ll learn to honour the wisdom of your body instead of pushing yourself to burnout over and over again… and you’ll discover for yourself how this is actually the most ‘productive’ way to live and work.

  • You’ll have a support network like no other – cheering you on and celebrating you with no secret judgment or competition, holding you when you fall to pieces, and laughing with you when you fail to show up like a functioning adult. It’s also the perfect place to open up about things you don’t really feel able to talk about with your friends or family.

  • You’ll develop epic self-awareness – you’ll learn to spot your patterns, see when you’re overworking yourself, or making the same mistakes again. You’ll get picked up when you’re hiding, avoiding, not showing up or making excuses – it’s that extra set of eyes on you along with loving pep talks when you need them.

  • You’ll get clarity on the type of work you really want to do, who your best fit clients really are and what approach to work lights you up! Or it’ll be the place where you finally get confirmation you’re on the right path so you can stop questioning and second guessing yourself all the time.

  • You’ll develop confidence in your ability to create change, building the foundation to show up in all areas of your life and the courage to commit to and implement your vision and desires. You’ll finally follow through on all the things you say you want, putting yourself and your needs first. You’ll see that your life and dreams are valid so you stop putting other peoples needs above your own all the time. Learn to create time for yourself.

So in a nutshell – you’ll have a fun time learning about yourself, you’ll take care of yourself whilst at the same time creating the life and biz you want – because nobody ever said personal development had to be dull!

And in case you’re thinking, ‘THIS SOUNDS AWESOME BUT…’

“It’s not the right time, I’ve got so much on already!”

“I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to spending money on myself every month, what if it doesn’t work?”

“Deep down there is a part of me that feels like I just can’t do it – something is stopping me and even though I’ve tried a few times now, I’m scared that if I keep trying I might find out that I really am broken that there is no hope for someone like me. I don’t think I could cope with finding that out about myself.”

I want you to know:

Showing up for an hour once every week or two will shift things for you! First of all, it’s not right that you always everyone else’s needs before your own. Putting yourself last all the time isn’t going to magically make everything work out for you. Amazing things happen when you start gifting yourself some of your own time and energy – I promise you won’t turn into captain selfish and self-absorbed!

I also want you to know that not everything you try will work for you, and that’s the beauty of it – by approaching your life and inner work with an air of curiosity and playfulness you get to find out exactly what is and isn’t for you. Maybe the things you keep pushing towards aren’t meant for you – you’ve just been conditioned and socialised to think that that’s what you should be doing.

We’re actually more similar than we think – we just don’t speak about things enough and as a result of this, we suffer in silence and this is what tends to keep us stuck. Our brains love to keep us isolated and alone when we’re having a hard time. It’s a lie and a trap to keep you ‘safe’ – anything new or different is perceived by your brain as a threat… even if it’s good for you.

And finally – you can totally do this on your own.

There’s enough information out there in books and on the internet to guide you to think better, take care of yourself better and go after the things you want but without the support of a community of people on your side and a mentor who’s made all the mistakes already, it can be really hard, lonely and frustrating. By being in community with people just like you, you’ll see that you’re not on your own with this. And that alone is priceless!

You don’t need to be part of the Crew, but let me paint a picture of what it’s like…

Imagine a non-judgmental, kind and private space to share your doubts, fears and worries without feeling silly or that you’re a burden; a place to share your joys without feeling like you’re boasting or showing off, where everyone genuinely feels happy to celebrate with you; somewhere you can share and work things out about yourself that you wouldn’t even feel comfortable telling your friends.

Where each and every week you’ll meet up with us all on zoom – by being with other likeminded people, you’ll change the way you see yourself, you’ll learn to think differently and you’ll be supported as you show up in the world in the way you’ve always wanted to.

You’ll be guided towards showing up and expressing the person you really are on the inside in my down to earth style – getting the best of my infectious personality along with a hefty Dr Marten boot up the bum, if needed.

I’m genuine, I’m intuitive, and I’m creative. I know my shit and I don’t fuck about.

I show up imperfectly and my crew trusts me 100%

Once a month we bring in special guest experts from all around the world to help you understand yourself, learn new practical and emotional skills whilst inspiring you and opening up your mind.

Our guest sessions have changed lives, healed long standing issues and opened up new perspectives and possibilities. All of the calls and expert sessions are recorded so if you’re unable to make it live or want to watch your favourite session again, everything is saved on the private membership platform along videos, pdfs, workbooks and other wonderful resources.

Finally, you get a lot of contact time in the crew – it’s not just a load of pre-recorded content and a few crumbs of time with me. You won’t get lost, you won’t feel left behind, and you surely won’t be forgotten about if you ‘go quiet’ for a bit.

I want you to feel safe, confident and excited to join the Courage and Confidence Crew, so I’m going to shut up now…

Here’s what some of our members have said about our community.

We’re currently closed for applications. Please leave your details for updates.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Membership?

Here‘s what you’ll get access to:

An online environment with constant support, accountability and mentoring with likeminded people with:

  • Weekly Group Mentoring Zoom Calls
  • Monthly Guest Expert Workshops and Classes
  • A Supportive Private Community
  • A content library full of videos, audios, workbooks for self study
  • Personal feedback, mentoring and guidance from me
  • Pre-launch VIP invites, offers or discounts on in-person events and photoshoots
  • Additional support and mentoring for business owners


Life Unedited is available to all members – you get support in everything from everything including life purpose and working out which direction to take your life in, developing confidence in all aspects of your life, your relationships, doing things to have more fun, taking care of yourself – anything and everything apart from business support.

Biz Unedited is available for Biz Unedited members only and is for members who would like support in becoming more confident in their businesses. This membership level is also for members who would like support in developing the confidence to set up a business – whether that’s as a side hustle or plucking up the courage to leave the world of employment completely!

As well as all of the content in the private membership area in the form of courses, videos, pdf workbooks and audios for self study, we have group mentoring calls at least once per week for all members, with additional fortnightly group mentoring and masterminding calls for Biz Unedited members. All calls take place via zoom.

We have guest experts coming in each month to share their knowledge and expertise with us as live workshops, trainings and classes. And we have a private facebook group set up as our ‘communication channel’ – this way all members can come in for support and cheerleading from one another.

Members who pay annually also receive a one hour one to one session with me.

That’s completely up to you – this membership is yours and I want you to take what you need from this space. There’s no right way to do this membership, there is no such thing as being behind and there is no shame here – we’re here to support you with what you need at the speed you feel safe to go.

Call times are flexible and can shift throughout the week. We try to make sure that members can make at least one call per month by setting up regular availability polls within the group.

Calls are scheduled last between 1 and 2 hours to ensure everyone has had some time to get the support they need from me. You can stay for as long or as little as you like.

All calls are recorded and saved in the membership area to watch on replay within 48 hours of the live call. If call times don’t suit your schedule, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll look at arranging a call time to suit you better where possible.

You’re still able to access the membership area which is a private log-in area on this website. You’ll also be able to attend the weekly calls and guest expert trainings as these are held on zoom. It’s only the communication channel that takes place in a private facebook group, so you don’t need to be on facebook to be a member of the Courage & Confidence Crew. However as a lot of the benefits from this community do come from the support and community vibe that we’ve developed, I do believe you would be missing out if you weren’t in the group. So one thing I do suggest is to set up an account only for accessing the group – you can come in incognito and don’t have to add any friends onto your profile. I completely understand the mental health benefits from not being on a scrollholes like facebook!

There’s a 6 month commitment to the Courage & Confidence Crew.

Not only does this give you plenty of time to work through the material in the content library at your own pace – the 6 month commitment allows for the courageous part of you to unfurl and to receive lots of support as you do this.

We’re all working at different speeds and we’ve come from various backgrounds – for some members, 6 months has been the time it’s taken for them to come out of their shell and become more active in the group whilst doing the work in the background and allowing themselves to get inspired by the others in the group.

This time also allows for life to happen – whilst we all can have the best intentions, life and kids and everything in between can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Having this commitment has enabled crew members who previously have been smashing it, the space to grow and get back on track rather than ducking out and making excuses when life got busy.

Additionally, the material inside the membership is valued much higher than the cost over 6 months.

Once the 6 month period is are up, it’s then rolling monthly membership after that.

You’re welcome to upgrade your membership to Biz Unedited or Annual at any time.

There’s also a 14 day money back guarantee so if you do decide it’s not for you, you’re welcome to leave us within this period.

For other membership terms, please take a look at The Courage & Confidence Crew T&Cs.