Imagine actually going for it…

Being UNAPOLOGETICALLY yourself in your life and business
Together in a community of other unconventional, quirky and rebellious women like you – who don’t actually WANT to fit in!
Not anymore, anyway.
You’re used to being misunderstood by others.
You’re done with it and everything it’s held you back from over the years
Let’s find that bright light inside so it sparkles out of your face!
Let’s find the strength to be exactly who you are without needing to be what you think others expect you to be.
Let’s help you know yourself, be yourself and f*%@ing own it.
The Courage & Confidence Crew is a safe space to be ourselves, feel accepted and understood whilst working on the things that matter in your life and business.
It’s the place to start healing the relationship you have with yourself, becoming proud of who you are, and letting go of bad habits like ‘being a bit of a c*nt’ to yourself.
Together we f*ck everything ever made you feel less than – we take the life lessons, we learn from the experiences we have had, and we don’t carry any resentment or shitty feelings – because we learn to let those feelings go.
We’ve created a community to support you to do the things and show up for yourself no matter what – so you don’t give up on yourself and your dreams when things feel hard. 
Because we believe in being brave enough to go where other people won’t – both internally and externally.
It’s about living life unedited, and showing up for biz unedited.

Does this sound familiar?

Low self-esteem has been a constant companion your whole life
Your lack of self-belief, your negative self-talk and imposter syndrome had held you back, whilst your brain runs a million miles an hour
You’ve felt afraid that you’re not up to the job, that you’d get “caught out” and laughed at
You’ve feared that people wont like you anymore if you became successful. Somehow you felt like you didn’t really deserve it!
You’d love to be able to be yourself without fear of judgment or humiliation
You’d love to share all your creative ideas without hesitation or anticipation of that mean little voice in your head because “who do you think you are?!” 
You wish you weren’t so sensitive and that your anxiety didn’t make you so neurotic about things
You dream of the day where you overthink a lot less and just get on and do more to achieve your goals
You’re done feeling like you’re just existing – you want to feel more alive and living life on purpose
You feel like you constantly hold back creating scenarios in your head of what people would think of you before every decision you make
You’re tired from it all
You just wish you could be yourself, be able to commit to a less conventional path with more confidence, and not keep fearing failure and risk
But at the same time, you’re frightened of yourself – you think there’s something in you, you know you have potential but you don’t know how to embrace it or where to even start

Feel like I’m describing you?

Sounds like Professional Rebel’s Courage and Confidence Crew is just what you need!
community for business owners, creatives, ambitious change-making weirdos, and unconventional entrepreneurs who want to develop the courage and confidence to live life unedited!

Here’s what you’ll get from joining the Crew:

You can totally do this work on your own. But it’s hard. You don’t have people cheering you along and it’s easy to get lost, overwhelmed and dragged down by negativity and unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours.
The Courage and Confidence Crew is a safe space with people just like you who get you, who feel like you, and who are going through the same experiences and thoughts. It’s a place to say what’s going on and how you’re feeling – you know that the other people in here will get you and will not judge you.
You’ll no longer feel like the odd one out once you’re in the Crew.
You’ll be guided towards the direction you want to go in, and even work out what that direction is if you need it – instead of just thinking about it all the time. You’ll get manageable and actionable steps, which takes the big and scary out of the thought of doing everything at once.
Overwhelm can go in the fuck it bucket and you’ll be held accountable on the days you just want to go into hiding. On top of that you’ll get an extra pair of eyes from someone who has done this work already. I’m there to see your blind spots, pick you up on when you’re repeating patterns without realizing it, self-sabotaging, procrastinating and generally making excuses about showing up – it happens, don’t let it knock you off. I’ll pull you up on your bullshit, blind spots and excuses with loving pep talks.
My style is the right amount of support and push. I’ll hold you through the hard bits, but get too comfy and you’ll get a solid boot up the bum.
And not only will you have me on your support crew, you can count on the others in the group to cheer you along, give their valuable perspective, insight and shared experience into what’s going on for you.
On top of the support you get from me, I bring regular guest experts to help with particular topics to ensure you’re getting the best support.
My little black book is filled with wonderful game changers around the world who come in and share their knowledge with us all – all of this is included in the cost of your membership.
We’ve had experts in teaching us how to work out our life purpose, we’ve had chronic pain and brain experts in to help us let go of things we hold that hold us back, we’ve learnt emotional freedom technique from an actual wizard, vocal and presence training as well as mindfulness and journaling workshops too.
There’ve been hypnotherapist sessions on anxiety, experts helping us with people pleasing and creating boundaries, we’ve even had a business management consultant to help us with procrastination and work / life balance at the start of the year.
The diary is filling up with some amazing people for the next few months – the Crew are in for a right treat! 
You’ll feel supported as you share your passions, support people and causes who need you and make the changes the world needs. Doing this work can seem scary but knowing you’re not on your own makes it a lot easier.
You’ll also develop the courage to try things, and not worry so much if it doesn’t turn out – take lessons from it, rather than adding it to things you beat yourself up about.
You’ll gain a quick sense of achievement, knowing that you’ve actually taken action and taken the steps instead of just dragging your feet.
You’ll learn to trust your instincts more and understand that your thoughts and ideas do have value – you’ll be able to speak up more and kick ass instead of shrinking into the shadows.
You’ll soon realise you’re completely capable to do the job when self doubt, imposter syndrome and negative thinking kick in. And you’ll take so much less shit from people as you’ll learn to say no, put up some boundaries and make less time for all the energy vampires, mood hoovers and fun sponges out there.
As well as the regular zoom meetings, you’ve got access to an ever-growing content library full of videos, courses, workshops, trainings and pdfs. You get access to my TRUE SELFIE course that features the SADSACK TO SUPERHERO Activity Book which takes you on a journey to realize how awesome you really are, building that strong emotional foundation that is needed when putting yourself out into the world.
The material in the content library will help you redirect your thoughts and learn to see what you bring to the table is unique. You’ll stop seeing yourself as flawed or broken – and the minute you do this actual magic will happen and the tables will turn for you. You’ll stop dismissing achievements and learn to celebrate them and you’ll collect evidence to prove your brain wrong when its trying to knock you off track and keep you ‘safe’.

You’ll learn so much about yourself. By recognising behaviours that don’t serve you, you’ll be able choose how you want to interact with other people – even the ones who might normally press your buttons and send you into a spiral! Rather than acting on autopilot you can behave in line with your intentions and values, benefitting your relationships, your work, and your sense of self.
Emotionally you’ll feel lighter, feel able to release heaviness, and question unhelpful thoughts and patterns. You’ll also learn to quit comparing yourself to people who aren’t like you and that end up making you feel less than, and learn to look at others for positive inspiration instead.
You get a really positive role model i.e. ME – it’s really hard to stay motivated if you don’t find mentors who you can relate to, who seem ‘just like you’, who’ve been where you’ve been and can understand how things can trip you up in the way they are.
Someone who bounces back after things go wrong, teaches you to show up as yourself, to let go of perfection and embrace self-acceptance. That all shit can be turned into gold and that life and business is an adventure if you allow it to be.
I’m honest, energetic and real and it’s my mission to help you express yourself with no shame. With my help you’ll be able to spend more time being more present and allowing yourself to enjoy life much more than you have been.
There’s a 6 month commitment to the Courage & Confidence Crew, not only does this give you plenty of time to work through the material in the content library at your own pace – some of the courses in there are valued much higher than the cost of the membership, the time allows for the courageous part of you to unfurl.
We’re all working at different speeds and we’ve come from various backgrounds – for some members, 6 months has been the time it’s taken for them to come out of their shell and become more active in the group whilst doing the work in the background and allowing themselves to get inspired by the others in the group.
This time also allows for life to happen – whilst we all can have the best intentions, life and kids and everything in between can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Having this commitment has enabled crew members who previously have been smashing it, the space to grow and get back on track rather than ducking out and making excuses when life got busy.
Once the 6 months are up, it’s then rolling monthly after that. You can also choose an annual option to really commit to this and save some money at the same time (you get 2 months free when you do this)

Here’s what you’ll get access to:

An online environment with constant supportaccountability and mentoring with likeminded people with:
Weekly group mastermind calls with me
A content library full of videos, audios, workbooks
A Private community
Guest expert trainings
Personal feedback, mentoring and advice from me
Pre-launch VIP invites, offers or discounts on in-person events and photoshoots
Additional add-on support and mentoring for business owners

Living Life Unedited means:

Taking steps towards what you want to do, instead of what you have to
Following your real passion and living your true purpose
Taking action to make your business idea a reality and being your own boss
Making a difference, not just working for the ‘man’
Showing up with your own ideas
Making decisions and trusting your instincts without second guessing yourself or holding your tongue
Owning the strength, power and fire you hold inside your belly
Allowing your true self to shine through
Wearing the clothes you want to wear without giving AF what other people think
Giving other people’s opinions less power
Saying no, and walking away from situations and people that don’t serve you any longer without feeling guilt about it
And saying yes to more adventures and more opportunities

Showing up for Biz Unedited means:

Committing to, showing up for, and putting more of you into the business you already started but keep hiding from, procrastinating with and sabotaging every single goddamned time you make any bloody progress:
Showing up on social media
Marketing more
Writing more posts
Doing more lives
Being more expressive and open in what you share
Being more visible
Sharing more photos of your face
Bring your ideas to fruition confidently, helping more people
Going both feet in on what you want to change in the world
Putting your prices up with more confidence to get a better work life balance
Moving into the unknown with more confidence without hoarding half written posts, products and courses
And doing what you need to instead of overthinking, procrastinating and getting nothing done
…without imposter syndrome, fear of failure, rejection and humiliation, or giving wayyyy too many shits what other people think of you?

Enough already, I want in!

Biz Unedited

Join the Courage & Confidence Crew: Biz Unedited
£ 600 Annual
  • Weekly group life mentoring sessions with me​
  • Fortnightly group biz mentoring calls with me
  • A private online library full of courses, trainings & workbooks
  • A private community and safe space
  • Monthly guest expert workshops
  • Personal feedback and guidance from me
  • Pre-launch VIP invites, offers or discounts on in-person events and photoshoots
  • 2 Months free when you commit for the year​
  • Bonus One to One Strategy call for annual members

Pay monthly option available at £60/ month – minimum 6 month commitment – Apply NOW!

Life Unedited

Join the Courage & Confidence Crew: Life Unedited
£ 400 Annual
  • Weekly group life mentoring sessions with me
  • A private online library full of courses, trainings & workbooks
  • A private community and safe space
  • Monthly guest expert workshops
  • Personal feedback and guidance from me
  • Pre-launch VIP invites, offers or discounts on in-person events and photoshoots
  • 2 Months free when you commit for the year
  • Bonus One to One Strategy call for annual members

Pay monthly option available at £40/ month – minimum 6 month commitment – Apply NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Life Unedited is available to all members – and you get support in everything from everything including life purpose and working out which direction to take your life in, developing confidence in all aspects of your life, your relationships, doing things to have more fun, taking care of yourself – anything and everything apart from business support.
Biz Unedited is available for Biz Unedited members only and is for members who would like support in becoming more confident in their businesses. This membership level is also for members who would like support in developing the confidence to set up a business – whether that’s as a side hustle or plucking up the courage to leave the world of employment completely!
Yes, of course! You can do this at any time. In fact, it makes me super happy seeing my clients develop the courage and confidence to set up their own businesses, follow their dreams, their purpose, and their calling!
As well as all of the content in the membership content gallery in the form of courses, videos, pdf workbooks and audios for self study, we have group masterminding calls at least once per week for all members, with additional fortnightly group masterminding calls for Biz Unedited members. All calls take place via zoom.
We have guest experts coming in each month to share their knowledge and expertise with us as live workshops and trainings. And we have a private facebook group set up as our ‘communication channel’ – this way all members can come in for support and cheerleading from one another. There’s usually someone online to lend an ear or share something to help someone who needs it.
Members who pay annually also receive a one to one strategy session with me.
Call times have changed over the course of the membership to suit our current members. 
At present, we run the Life Unedited calls weekly at 8pm on a Wednesday evening. These calls are available to all members.
Biz Unedited calls are currently fortnightly Thursdays at 11am and are available only to members on this subscription.
Calls are subject to change depending on members needs – we try to make sure that members can make at least one call per month so if the current times don’t suit you, don’t let that stop you from applying for a place in the crew.

Calls are scheduled for an hour however I’ll always stay on to ensure everyone has had some time to get the support they need from me.
All calls are recorded and saved in the membership area to catch on replay within 48 hours of the live call.
You’re still able to access the membership area which is a private log-in area on this website. You’ll also be able to attend the weekly calls and guest expert trainings as these are held on zoom. It’s only the communication channel that takes place in a private facebook group, so you don’t need to be on facebook to be a member of the Courage & Confidence Crew. However as a lot of the benefits from this community do come from the support and community vibe that we’ve developed, I do believe you would be missing out if you weren’t in the group. So one thing I do suggest is to set up an account only for accessing the group – you can come in incognito and don’t have to add any friends onto your profile. I completely understand the mental health benefits from not being on a time sucker like facebook!

Let’s get you from holding yourself back and not seeing who you really are to feeling confident and brave enough to create the life, and business, you want!