Dear business owner, 
You’re being so beige; so vanilla; so GDPR.
This recent round of compliance communication has highlighted a mahoosive problem in my opinion.
Eye roll overload indeed.
I bet as I’m writing this, you’re sitting fretting why nobody is re-signing up to your boring ass newsletters.
Jesus, I can’t even be bothered to open your first email, never mind the second, third and final screams of ‘last chance to opt into our monthly… zzzz – sorry, even I fell asleep typing that.
I can’t let you continue like this without at least saying something on the subject. It would be doing the world, and your business, and my inbox a massive disservice (not to mention my sanity, which to be honest, as we all know is… ermmm, questionable anyway haha).
I’m no top notch internet marketer in the slightest. I’m not even offering an awful lot of services right now myself but we live in a time poor, can’t be arsed, f*ck it kinda world where people favour screen to screen communication over talking to someone’s actual face.
We’re overwhelmed by emails in our inbox, the dings and whooshes, and the red notification flags everywhere we look as people choose to do more and more communication and business via not only just email but facebook messaging and linkedin too. And it’s so much less rude and awkward to just casually miss (ahem, ignore and delete) your email cos quite frankly, we’re already operating at maximum ball ache and our friends and families are having to compete with our ever growing to do lists.
Now I might not be your cup of tea. Heck, you may even be reading this and thinking how fecking unprofessional I am but there’s a reason I operate like this.
I’m writing this as an open letter because the world has changed a tad for all of us. We have an internet meaning access to way more people all over the world and biz can be done in your pjs without leaving your house if you want to. People who would never have dreamt of being a business person 20 years ago are now doing bits and bobs in their spare time around their kids and their 9-5 to get an extra few quid in.
With access to this worldwide market and with more and more people doing it, it’s become more about people skills than ever. The old saying that people buy from people is more true than ever before.
My swearing, opinions and personal life sharing lead me to have awesome open rates to my weekly emails. A week doesn’t go by without me getting replies thanking me, telling me they feel like they’re understood or sharing a similar story of their own. My blogs get commented upon and shared – a lot. I even get random people, who weren’t even signed up to my mails finding my words and feeling compelled to mail me to tell me how awesome my website/blog/idea is.

Why? Because even with something as unsexy as european data protection law, I can sprinkle a bit of personality over it and make people act one way or another. My choice in working in marmite mode (i.e. love it or hate it) means I can filter out the fun sponges and really connect with people who not only get me but will feel more than happy to sit and read shit I send them which in the long run is going to do my bank account more favours in the long run than trying to please everyone and losing myself in the process. 
So I just want to say, do yourself and your biz a solid and sprinkle a bit more you in your communication and in your brand – your business and clients will thank you for it. You will enjoy it a lot more aaaand you can worry less about your tiny dwindling list.
You’re welcome 🙂
ps. Enjoyed my frankness? Made you smile? Felt like someone got you? Wanna find out more about what I do? You know the score – I’ve got better and more fun things to do than sell your details and I certainly won’t spam you (I’m a veggie). Deets below if you’re in x