Fuck it Bucket Friday – Season 1: Episode 01


Meet Kim!

Not only has she agreed to be the first special guest to rummage in my bucket, it’s also her business, The Grunge Monkey’s FIFTH BIRTHDAY TODAY!

Happy Birthday Grunge Monkey!

The Grunge Monkey label is fun and playful fashion inspiring you to be you. Their mission is to make you smile, to inspire you to love yourself that little bit more and live a life the way that you want to, free of trends, social pressure and judgement.

Some of my favourite bits from this episode are:

“You could blame all the other things, but your boss might just be a right knob! You know, a proper knobhead!”

“Put your teeth in Kim!”

“Is your wife home?” “No, she’s dead.” – Oh.

“Everyone’s awesome at something. You’ve just got to work out it what it is.”

“Escape, Escape! Find the people that love you!”

“Work out what’s important to you and find something that’s in alignment with that.”

“We’re going to be the ones responsible for telling you to leave your job and go and do something awesome.”

“Are the internet police funny bout the F word?”

In this episode the bucket wants us to talk about:

– poor employers and bad treatment

– plucking up the courage to talk to managers and supervisors about issues

– connecting to yourself, your values and what you really want

– why an employer with different values to you will mean you will really struggle to enjoy the job

– working out what your talents are, and whether you’re using them plus why this will make you feel better about your job

– knowing yourself enough to know how the wrong working environment can negatively affect you – in body, mind and spirit

– why it’s ok to just keep trying stuff and to let go of having the perfect job, relationship or life by age 25 / 28 / 35 or whatever your success markers are

– And making sacrifices to pursue a life that has meaning for you

Find out more about The Grunge Monkey here:

Also a huge shout out to The 2nd Floor in Chester for hosting the show in their lovely space today.

Find out about them here:

And finally…

If if it feels like any of the issues we chatted about today are going on in your life right now and you’d like a little help check out Professional Rebel’s Courage and Confidence Crew here x