Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they donโ€™t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Everyone has similar issues in their lives – but we don’t always seem to talk about it.
Until Now.

Introducing Fuck It Bucket Friday.

A weekly online shat show like no other.ย 
Aiming to show us that we’re not as different as we think we are.
Each week, on a Friday, I invite a special guest to have a rummage in my bucket.
The bucket is filled with a collection of people’s woes and worries that are offloaded before attending my events and workshops. In effect, it’s asking lovely people to leave their problems at the door and enjoy themselves.
Upon having a rummage in there myself one day, I realised common themes in what people were putting in there and decided it’s time to start talking about this stuff.
Together my guest and I share our worldy wisdom, personal experience and priceless insights to remind us all that what ever we’ve got going on in our lives and in-between our ears is the same, we just all deal with it a little bit differently.
The Fuck It Bucket isn’t just a gimmick or a bit of silly fun, it has genuine magic powers – whatever comes up is ALWAYS what someone needs to hear that day, be it you the viewer, the special guest and sometimes even me.
It’s like a big pink portal to the Universe.
And it’s just asking for all the innuendos too.


Apply to rummage in my bucket here x