Have it off August is about remembering to enjoy life and stop stressing so much.


From speaking to a number of people lately, there’s this whole energy of ‘getting through it’ – but the thing is, the pandemic’s over. We’ve gotten through it. Yes, the world is still crazy and everything is becoming more expensive right now, but if we don’t watch our thoughts, we’ll stay in the mentality of ‘just get through this bit’, well, you know, until we die and that would be shit. I think everyone can agree that’s a terrible idea.
Why should kids get to take all the time off? Yes I know we have jobs and we have businesses but if we don’t INTENTIONALLY tell ourselves to take some time to enjoy ourselves and our lives, then who else will?
So screw you capitalism, screw you productivity, let’s try this and see how we feel about it!
Maybe, just maybe our mental health and our inner child will thank us for it!


It’s fun, it’s free and you can do as much or as little as you want x