How to take epic selfies for your business without looking, or feeling, like a massive knob

Are your selfies looking a bit shit?

Do you feel utter shame when you see your cringe-worthy face looking back at you?

Do you wish you could promote your business without looking like a big fat trout until you save up to pay someone who knows what they’re doing? Ahem, me.

Well sugar tits, you’re in luck. I’ve made a video to help you.

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The perfect guide for business owners waiting until they feel brave enough to invest in someone who knows what they’re doing

All you want to do is show up, stop making excuses, and promote your epic business but you’ve got fewer photo skills than a visually impaired gibbon.

What can start with you just doubting your camera skills can swiftly end up with you hating your entire face, throwing the towel in and burning your entire business in a matter of 60 clicks.

This has got to stop! Watch the free video before it’s too late!