It’s super easy to say I don’t want this, I don’t like this, this doesn’t feel good.
But have you ever sat down and had a good think about what it is you do want?
You don’t want to feel sad – but what does happy actually look like to you?
You don’t want to work at this job – but what job is it you really want?
You don’t want to be single – but what does a relationship, an ideal relationship, look like to you?
Without having an idea of what you do want, you can end up with anything.
It’s like being in a relationship with an idiot just so you don’t have to go to bed alone every night.
It’s like bumbling along from one shit job to the next.
It’s like not making any changes at all because you don’t know what it is you really do want.
It’s hard to change things for the better if you don’t know what it is that you desire.
And it’s here where you just have to try something.
Not sure of what to try, think of the feelings.
It’s never about the thing itself, it’s the way it makes you feel.
The feeling you want is normally the exact opposite from that what you’re experiencing right now.
Focus on the feelings you do want and move towards them, rather than running aimlessly from what you don’t want to feel.
The thing that you give your attention to, is the thing that will grow.
And to feel bad about what you don’t have is such a waste of all that you have x


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