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This is your invitation to reclaim the fullness of who you are.

Hey Superstar,

Your self-doubt about who you are and what you can do can go straight into my f*ck it bucket.

Enough’s enough.

Navigating the big wide world, set up by boring white men in fancy suits who wanted to put us all in boxes, doing mundane things day in day out, whilst barely scraping by feels like an uphill battle for most people – never mind us creative, unconventional and spicy-brained humans.

It’s no bloody surprise that people like us with big, kind hearts, creativity bubbling up out of every orifice, and ideas that can change the lives of many find life, and business, bloody hard.

Everywhere we go, people, systems, strategies, telling us we’re wrong, we’re flawed, we’re bad, and we’re broken.

If we could stop seeing ourselves through the lens of lack and fail, which has been put there by society, by capitalism, by patriarchy, racism, able-ism and all the other oppressive systems, things would change DRAMATICALLY for all of us.

You are not meant to fit into the shonky boxes they’ve left out for you.

It’s people like you and me who are here to create a new way of being, but it’s hard when messages everywhere telling us that we’re not good enough.

This is why we’re not meant to do this important work on our own.

Consider this your invitation to reclaim the fullness of who you are.

Together we can:

  • Define your own success – and move away from external expectations from family, friends and what everyone else is doing

  • Find what makes YOU happy – releasing your preconceived paths to success

  • Let go of comparing yourself to everyone else

  • Stop fighting the way you are built and develop compassion for yourself

  • Work out what your next steps are – that work with the way that YOU think and work, and that suit your body and nervous system capacity

  • Identify and magnify your brilliance to build a confident foundation so you don’t crumble the minute someone questions you, complains or acts like a dick

  • Create healthy boundaries

  • Develop authority, credibility and confidence in your own right and in your own way

  • And finally, stop giving so many fucks!

…even if you‘ve got mental health issues, low-self esteem or if nothing you’ve tried already has worked, yet.

Ever since school…

…I’ve been passionate about helping others shine and embrace who they are. From volunteering as a reading buddy and classroom assistant during 6th form, it was clear that I had a natural talent of identifying and magnifying the brilliance of others – it was commented on how I was able to make space for each student and intuit exactly who really wanted to answer, but felt too shy to put their hand up from the very first lesson I assisted with.

The common theme throughout my work is embracing joy and showing up as the YOU-est version of you – but don’t let my big smile and infectious energy fool you. I’ve not always been a happy or confident person. I’ve lived with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem from childhood; and my 10+ year journey of self-employment has uncovered cPTSD, ADHD and Autism. Despite this, I’ve created success on my own terms and overcome (or learnt to live with) the cards that life dealt me.

I’ve been called a happiness expert by Virgin Entrepreneur and I’ve helped 100s of people across the globe with my unique and intuitive approach. My clients describe me as a game changing life coach; my communities as mind blowing; and that I help my clients feel understood by being incredibly in tune with their needs – ‘What you do saves lives’.

But don’t just take my word for it…

I was drawn to working with you because I’ve heard so many good reviews about you and seeing the way that you show up as that confident person who is not afraid of what people are going to say – that’s what I want for myself. I know something’s holding me back so this is taking that first step to work through it really and find out what’s causing it and how to start breaking it down.

I now have a list of ideas to take away to start breaking down some of the stuff that’s holding me back – all the barriers that I put up and expectations I’ve put on myself over the years. Having some practical things that I can do, rather than just talking about them and being “oh well, here we go again” – where you know what the problem is but just not knowing how to solve it or be able to work through it.

I was worried about actually opening up about things because I’m quite a reserved person who doesn’t talk about feelings like that very much but it was a chance to get over that and remind myself that my feelings are valid and I’m not being silly.

The thing that surprised me the most was crying in front of you and feeling able to open up straightaway. We were able to get through so many different aspects of what could be causing my issues and how much you were able to see from just a couple of questions that you asked me before our call – you picked up on all these little things and I didn’t realise what I was saying.

The thing I’m going to take going forwards from this, which will have the biggest impact is the way you picked up what I’ve been doing to myself and related it to my daughter – helping me realise what I’m passing on to her yet I’m doing this all to myself. So now I see it this way, I can cling on to that so next time I do start spiralling into these thoughts or behaviours, I can ask myself “would I do this to her? – Yeah, no. So why am I doing it to myself?

I came across you through an online community and through your social media presence. I like what you were saying online – you’re an upbeat, happy, don’t give a fuck type person so I just thought that you would be able to teach me how to do that too!

If I’m honest, I was concerned about doing a zoom with somebody I’ve not spoken to before. There were general nerves about that plus I knew I’d have to be vulnerable – and I didn’t want to be vulnerable! But I knew I needed to speak to somebody.

I liked the idea that you’ve given me as well as the task showing me all the reasons why I can do something, both of which will help me to get over my imposter syndrome!

Also some of the things you said reminded me of the stuff I need to do regularly like having more of a routine. I used to have one so you reminded me I need to get back on the habit because those things do work. So just do it!

The biggest thing is that you reminded me that I’m not the only one who thinks this sort of stuff about myself and that I need to practice what I preach more. Plus doing that scrapbook will be something that I’ll enjoy doing as well! It’s also something my kids can see me doing for my own wellbeing and could be some good habits for them too.

I also like not that you’re bossy but you were still able to tell me the steps I needed to take because I know without that advice, I’d just stay stuck. I need people to keep me accountable because in some areas of my life I can procrastinate for years!

I knew I was going to feel better with you but I feel much better than I thought I would.

I wanted to work with you because I know you through social media and that you’re a fellow ADHDer so knew you’d understand me! Plus I like your creativity and your positivity.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that it would help me come up with some good ideas and creative ways to approach the way I do things. As well as your quick and creative solutions to practical businessy bits.

The thing that landed the most for me was your way of managing ideas – I’m gonna definitely take that and start implementing because I think that will help me massively.

I don’t know if I had any concerns or worries – I was quite open minded about what was going to happen and what we were going to discuss.

I wasn’t expecting to go so deep so quickly as we dug in a little bit deeper than maybe was planned with some of the talks about trauma. I didn’t mind that and I think if I can cry in front of someone it’s because I trust them. I’m going to definitely look at the book that you’ve recommended.

The main thing was that you helped me to cement that idea that you don’t have to remember it to deal with it, which I sometimes forget. I think that’s why I get a bit scared as I don’t want to go there.

What you do is perfect for creative types, people who identify as ADHD/ neurodiverse as well as business owners and self employed people too.

Let’s Work Together!

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    One off 60 minute session for life, business and everything in between.

    We’ll work on one issue and you’ll leave with heaps of clarity, your next steps and moves, and, as promised a rocket up your butt.

  • Rebel Intensive
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  • 3 Hours Deep Dive
  • Perfect for going deep on your business.

    One off 3 hours intensive (with dance breaks) with my eyes on your business.

    We can look at showing up confidently and authentically in your business, have a creative idea generation session like no other, work on your messaging, networking skills, connecting with the right people, and planning your next moves for general world domination.

  • Rebel Realness
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  • 3, 6 & 12 Month Packages
  • Perfect if you want to commit to working on various issues long term.

    Options include working together for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

    Payment plans are available too.

    I 100% recommend booking a first date before committing to this to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    I want to make sure I’m right for you, as well as you being the right fit for me as your coach and mentor.

More epic feedback…

“I love that you had a rebel energy to you. I was one of the original punks in New York, so as soon as I saw rebel I was like, okay, UK rebel – that might still be okay!

I always worry that someone’s not gonna understand me or get where I’m coming from. But you immediately got where my big hang ups were and spoke my language. 

You really got that there was a bigger energy in me and knew how to then pull that out. And not in a cliché, vague kind of way, you know, like saying I need to ‘shine’ leaving me feeling like, how do I do that?! But specifically, what’s the first little step you can make towards that because it’s scary to go out of your comfort zone – I know that’s a very tired example. But that one step you can do and it doesn’t feel scary doing it.

My favourite part of the session was the validation of the things that really make me light up or the things that make me fulfilled in my day – you know, the dancing, the creativity, etc. I mean, I actually hate drawing, but doing that with you was actually a lot of fun. I mean whenever anybody asked me to draw anything, I’m like, Oh my God I suck but it was just freeing to me. I like that I had these puffy paints with me – getting to use new things, it’s just really fun. So it was it was new and something I hadn’t thought to do and it was creative too.

The thing that will make the biggest impact for me was the reminder to check in with myself. I do tell myself to check in – like breathing etc, but the idea of asking myself whether I am expanding or am I contracting right now, or waning or waxing and getting in touch with my celestial being!

It was really fun to do the work with you – you think that starting your own business is going to be hard work, but it can actually be fun. You can learn a lot through just checking in and letting yourself have the fun and that you can you can instil energy in yourself by doing the things that you want to do. And that that energy can then propel you forward for the things that are much harder.”

– Luna M, PhD (Business & Leadership Consultant)

“I was feeling really crappy. But by the time I was done, I was so re ignited and excited that I went and did 12 hours worth of work. It was just your energy and being in that energy that just lit me the fuck on fire.

My favourite bit was finding the fun. It’s why I started my business so I could do what I love. And I fell out of love with all of this other shit that I found myself having to do. And you just found a way to put me back in love with it with all of it. Like I’m fucking speechless.

I have yet to find anybody who has been able to get me past this particular block. And you just did it.

Honestly, looking back inward I completely missed some shit there. And I do inner work for a living! I have people coming to me because they can’t see the wrench but it never registered to me that I might not be seeing mine! I couldn’t find anybody else who could. You saw it. Damn near immediately. You felt it. You literally just pulled some shit out of my energy and said hey, let’s look at this. I feel like 1000 pounds just got lifted off of me.

Yeah, everyone needs you in their life. You gave me new spoons.”

– Ashley S 

“I felt like I’d been hit by a jump lead! Got so much work done after our call – motivation was on point! You’re a little battery pack!”

– Alex C 

“It’s not that I didn’t already have the answers, it’s that I couldn’t get to them. You remove the overwhelm of a blank page, and take streams of thought that don’t link up, and put them into an order I can work with.”

– Laura P

“It was your similar and irreverent sense of humour and all your swearsies that drew me to work with you! It was also the fact that you help with confidence and confidence is a big part of the message that I will be putting out in my work.

I’m hitting a few brick walls right now and am right in the thick of it all so seeing you do your stuff, I realised there were some things I needed to hear again and that I could use you as a reflection for where I’m at right now.

I was aware of a lot of the broad brushstrokes of the things that came up and I thought I sort-of-already-know-all-of-this but it was actually your specific angle and nuances on these issues – it was like we got deeper and deeper into the thick of it all where we ripped the top layer off and got down to the deeper things like the joy in my life and the rules and expectations I’ve been living by so having all of this reflected back at me was the biggest thing I’m going to take forwards from our conversation.

I know I put myself under a lot of pressure and I’m aware of beating myself up a lot but what I hadn’t clocked about myself was how much of a pedestal I was putting the business on – it was a completely different kind of pressure and expectation, rather than caving in from it all, putting in on a pedestal meant the business was up there and out of reach and I didn’t have the baby steps I needed to get from here to there, then wondering if the goal I had set for myself was really feasible.

I enjoyed bouncing off your energy and having a complete mirror in you being neurodivergent, the same human design etc and where these things that ARE genuine blocks and issues for me, at the same time I realised I needed to #StopUsingItAllAsAnExcuse

You’re definitely perfect for ‘squirrel-brains’ like me!”

– Hannah W

“I wanted to work with you after reading your ebook and I was like, YES – I recognise this, I recognise that, and I know that I’ve done that in the past too!

It’s important to work with somebody who gets it, because it’s a bit vulnerable talking about your issues – it’s hard enough to share with a friend, nevermind, a stranger… even if it is their job! So, it was important for me that this person gets me to a certain extent.

My biggest concern was that we might be quite different, but it’s turned out to not be in any way that really matters.

When you’re speaking to anyone new you do wonder to yourself – what is this going to be like? What am I going to have to do? What are they going to ask me? And is that gonna feel really uncomfortable? I’ll be honest, I felt super nauseous before I sat down for the meeting but it was up to me to get something out of this. I reminded myself that I need to be myself, which can be quite difficult at times as I have spent a lot of my past people-pleasing.

The biggest thing I’m taking from this was the grid we worked on together. I know that we shouldn’t chase after external validation, but it was nice to just have someone tell you ‘you’re hilarious or you’re really nice or whatever’ – sometimes you just actually need to hear somebody else say it because if you can’t see it yourself to begin with, how are you going to take all of this in all of a sudden?!

The thing that surprised me about working with you was how much fun it was! It didn’t really feel like we we’re doing work. What you asked me to do could have been a lot more uncomfortable than it was and the best bit was the laughs we had. It was perfect. And you let me tell my stories too – that’s how I communicate best!

Your work really lends itself towards neurodivergent people, or people who feel a little bit different to the others, even if it’s just slightly on the edge. I think you’re really good for those sorts of people because you’re just like, “ Hey, you’re welcome here. Let’s have a laugh while we’re doing this, tell me all your stories.”

Then you come back and mirror to us what we’ve mentioned!

Also, I’d say the best people to work with you definitely have to be people who are up for the craic and who are also familiar with self development because they’ll look at what you’ve written on your landing page and your ebook etc, and say to themselves that makes sense – you really got that really spot on!”

– Sarah M