Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel. She inspires people, who feel they don’t belong, remember who they are and find their place in the world. Together they go on a journey of creativity, courage and curiosity to stop giving so many fucks and grab life by the balls.

She’s also a pretty badass photographer too – just don’t call her that 😉

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Not quite a talk, and not quite a workshop either.


I dont know about you but ever since we had an internet and started using it regularly, life has ridiculously gone back to being like a teenager again. 


Afraid to be the odd one out, we wear the proverbial ripped jeans and puffer jackets like everyone else; we get slugs for eyebrows and hide who we are with make up, all wearing the same brand of trainers, and wincing as they rub our bastard heels to shreds. 

Terrified to voice our true opinions, we plaster on a fake smile whilst parts of our shiny, precious souls are dying on the inside.


By the way, this isnt about dissing teenage girls. I was one once. It fucking sucked. Like really, so much suck. Aaaand that was before the bloody internet. In fact, I just want to hug every teenager living today and tell them that its gonna be ok. 


I appreciate thats a bit weird though.



What Im trying to say is that we can’t always be ourselves in our jobs, in our schools or amongst our friends and sometimes even with the people we live with. It’s sad but that’s just the way it is. And when you do it for long enough, you actually lose who you really are. It takes a lot of energy to wear a mask and armour ourselves against the world. It gets exhausting, it takes away our precious life energy and leaves us drained and unable to bat down that voice of doom in-between our ears or do anything that lights us up. Life starts to wear us down. Do it for even longer and you risk living a life of depression and anxiety.

It’s time to put a stop on that. Or at least slow it down a bit. 


Introducing Life, Unedited.


A safe space facilitated by me, Marie-Claire, Professional Rebel and Happiness Ninja. A place to realise we’re not as different as we all think. 


Featured in Virgin, Standard Issue Magazine and on various podcasts around the globe as a happiness ‘expert’, though I don’t like to be called that. There are many ways to do ‘a thing’, and I am just keen on opening up conversations so people find a way to do what works for them. I’ll just be happy you’re doing your thing and will cheer you along massively for doing so.


This is about opening up a place to say ahhhh, drop the mask and the walls we build as self-protection and exhale; a place for courage and whole heartedness, realness and vulnerability. Take the weight off and open your heart, just a little bit, for an hour or two.


Think small groups, cosy sofas with blankies, and munchies and awesome chats lead by me, with as little or as much input from you. It’s just space being held for those who want to understand themselves a little better so that life can make a bit more sense.


With help and assistance from the infamous fuck it bucket (so no one has to go first if they don’t want to), and colouring books and pages to doodle on (in case eye contact isn’t your bag either), we’ll have real conversations about things like being happy, being yourself, feeling good enough, identity, life purpose and everything else that needs to come out of your noggin. No plan, just going with the flow and seeing what comes up.

You can just spend the whole time listening if you want to.


Doggos most welcome too – because we all know that life feels better after a cuddle with an awesome pupper.   


What have you got to lose? Your mask? Youre welcome to put it back on again when you leave, cos you know, life and stuff, and knob heads, plenty of them out there too.


Come spend a couple of hours with us. Embrace curiosity, explore the world, be who you want to be. Your future self will thank you for it ♥  



You coming?

Our next one is Thursday 2nd May 2019 7-9pm

The 2nd Floor, 19A Upper Northgate St, Chester CH1 4EE 

(Above Saks Hairdressers and Opposite Papa Johns Pizza by the Fountains Roundabout) – Sadly no wheelchair access at this venue, sorry!)

Very limited spaces to keep it intimate, safe and special!

Buy regular Ticket £16
Low Income Ticket £10
Profits from this event will be donated to Chapter West Cheshire – Supporting Adults with Severe Mental Health Issues.

Can’t make this one? Want to find out when the next one is or when any of our other events are on? Leave your info here to get an invite x