Meet Uyen.
The whipsmart, sass behind Fierce Consulting.

(Uyen is pronounced YOO-EN, think like Ewan McGregor). 

I remember the first time I met her. We were put on a business blind date by a mutual friend, Joanne, who thought we would get on really well.
She was right.
After a few minutes, I recall thinking OMG this woman has the other half of my brain.
We share the silly, the slightly rude and the love of all things kawaii but that’s where our brains meet and then split off into two separate directions – I go for the creative, feel-it-and-see-where-it-goes-from-there-vibe; where she has the analytical spreadsheet, research and finely tuned masterplan approach. Our discussion that day was like ‘Oh my god, you really do that that way?! How weird!’
It’s Uyen’s brain that makes her SPECTACULAR at her job.
Not only is she amazing in organisations who need someone to come in with a fresh set of eyes to sort them right out with structure and control in a project management setting, she’s amazing with people like me too – the one woman (or man) band, running the ship by themselves and spending all their time working in the business, being creative with ideas and stuff, but never having the time to step out, stop firefighting and take a birds eye view to see where they really want to go with all of this.
When she approached me to ask if I’d take her photos, I asked her what she wanted me to capture in her personal brand photography in Chester that day:


Honest. I know my stuff. Fun. Kind. Whip smart. Bright. Sassy. Energetic. Not bouncy. No nonsense. Will push you with care and love. But I will push you. I work hard. I care about you and your business. I think, I want to come across as the best version of me. So, peeps are just delighted when they sign up to using my services. I can’t really hide who I am, so might as well just let it shine. Besides, I like me. 


I loved the way she wanted to mix the full of personality part with the I can bloody do the job part.
I was more than happy to accept the mission.
Here’s what we got up to on out shoot:

Here’s what Uyen had to say about working with me:
For about three months, I was in two minds about having personal branding photography done.  I knew that I wanted to launch Fierce Consulting (my training business) with a bang and, yet, I wasn’t sure what the ‘return on investment’ would be from having professional photos.  Over Christmas, I reflected on it, and realised that having a strong online presence would be critical for my business.  And, I admitted that holiday snaps or selfies would not send the right message to my ideal client.  So, I bit the bullet, and engaged Marie-Claire.
While I have not used the photos yet, I can see their quality.  They are so much better than anything I could have achieved myself.  They give a much better impression of my business and of me.  And a surprising outcome is that I now feel more confident about having an online presence, which is a common concern that I share with other (esp. women) business owners.  I am really happy that I chose to invest in myself through these pictures.
My favourite part of the experience was how much I learned.  Just through observation and listening to her pieces of advice, I was able to understand her methodology – to ensure that there would be a balanced variety of images to maximise the diversity in looks and uses.  I am pretty clueless about this stuff, so I am grateful for her extremely subtle nudges in the right direction, which led to a much better outcome!
On the day, I felt quite nervous.  I am glad that she advised me to get my hair and make-up done professionally, as it gave me a more polished look.  To help allay my nerves, she took her time and gave me the breathing space to get comfortable and more ‘in myself’.  It’s a very customised and personal experience.
I am happy to recommend Marie-Claire to you.  Her persona is informal, friendly and a little bit nutty.  Equally, she is a complete professional, an astute business woman, and is totally on top of things for her clients.  It’s nice to be with another genuine, authentic business woman who can deliver a great product whilst being herself.
Thank you so much, Uyen.
To find out more about Uyen’s work and events, visit her website here.
And finally, are you looking for someone shit hot and really lovely to hang out with and photograph your awesome personal brand and business headshots? Please drop me an email here to book here x