Marie-Claire Ashcroft, aka The Professional Rebel is a Self Image Specialist – a Personal Brand Photographer and Rebel Confidence Coach for unconventional, quirky and rebellious women.

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Sometimes you need a little rebel to encourage you to shine

rebels, misfits, wild women, wizards, witches, healers, free spirits, creatives, artists & alchemists. The big hearted, the nurturing, the larger than life, strong, fierce, fiery & fabulous, resilient, magical, action taking, kooky embracers of life...

It’s time to stop fucking about.

If you’re feeling invisible, like no one is quite getting what you do, or that you’re not getting booked and paid for your magic – it’s because part of you is holding back.

I get it.

Showing up as your full, true and authentic self is hard. It’s easier to hide, to not show up fully, to look at what everyone else is doing. But the thing is – when you blend in, you don’t get noticed. And whilst that might feel safer – as a business owner, it sucks. It’s the last thing you need.
It’s your shiny, sparkly self that gets you noticed – not the laptop lifestyle, not the peony, pastels and pearls in Paris bollocks… Or anything else so cliché it makes you do a little vomit in your mouth.
We spend so much time worrying about not being liked and not being accepted, we tone ourselves down, we hide our quirks, we try not to rock the boat too much. This trying to fit in is bloody hard work.
It isn’t easy, sometimes you need a helping hand. Someone who sees your soul, your potential and your sparkle, even when you try your best to hide it from us all. Someone who will push you out of your comfort zone, with love, cheekiness and a bit of a no bullshit attitude, because that’s where the magic lies.
Sometimes you just need a little rebel to encourage you to shine.

And here I am.

What they're saying...

She’s fun, she’s kind, and she can do epic things with a camera – you’ll leave loving yourself more than when you arrived.
Laura Powner
Mind & money Mentor

Sassy, vivacious, caring and a great photographer. What’s not to like?

Andy Johnson
BBC TV Presenter
Thank you so much for this experience - working with you has helped me appreciate, accept and allow my own awesomeness.
Ellen Carr
Holistic Living Mentor

What they're saying...

Doing the shoot has changed the way I feel about being visible. I know that I can do it. I feel more confident in every aspect of my business. I’m prepared to face the world now.

Alli Graham
She Rules Online

Oh to see the world through your eyes for a day. You have such a special gift, the world needs more of you. You really do create magic.

Lisa Williams
Apsara Dance
OMG you've captured the best parts! Fucking amazing, I can't believe that's me! Your eye for detail is what I hoped for - you got all the aspects: the fun; the serious; the quirky; the sexy; the feminine; the raw.
Niki Yeadon
Crystal Point Piercing

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