“I want you to capture how I feel inside.”

If you’re doing this whole human experience properly, you can’t have the joy, the beauty and the all the wonderful highs, without all the pain, sadness and loss – it’s the duality of our existence and it is what makes being a human so goddamn freaking special. The moments of light and love would not shine as brightly without having experienced the utter darkness that can surround us at times.

It’s no secret, but like most of us here, Lisa has her own tale of hardship. It’s not my story to tell here, and like myself, she’s not one to dwell on those parts of our experience, but she is now in a place where she wanted to celebrate where she is at after a period that caused her to crack open, leave the parts that no longer fitted behind and be the person she was destined to become.

She has let her journey inspire her business and life and she wanted new photographs to show her spirit in a way that words aren’t always able to do.
And as words fail me here myself, I’ll let the photos (or Lisa) do the talking.

“Oh to see the world through your eyes for a day! You have such a special gift, the world needs more you you. You really do create magic.”

“I don’t have any reference images. I have pictures in my head which I can try to describe but I find it hard to choose the words. I’m a feeling-being so I feel – the emotions I want you to capture are: fun, hope, inspiring, magical and mystical.”

We had such a giggle on this shoot.
Both Lisa and I are ex-party girls, we’re potty mouthed and always up for breaking a rule or two (as long as it doesn’t harm anybody) – like climbing onto some ancient church ruins just to get the shots we envisioned before running off before we got into trouble.

It’s a common misconception that if you’re spiritual, you’re all love and light and not much else. I think that kind of fluffiness that puts a lot of people who are perhaps curious about spirituality off. I know I was in the closet for a long time but I think it’s important to show people you can be up for a bit of synchronicity and swearing, divine guidance and shouting c*nt when you stub your toe – again, it’s all about duality 😉

As well as being a very gifted light worker, assisting and mentoring people through their own awakening journey, she is the owner of Chester’s finest pole dancing school, Apsara Dance.

I know Pole dancing still has a bit of a stigma depending on who you talk to but it is thanks to this woman, that myself and others in the area are leaving behind the shame society has told us to have about our perfectly flawed bodies. She gives women permission to feel good about their physical form, to feel strong, beautiful and fearless which happens to be her company’s motto #StrongBeautifulFearless and to celebrate who they are as a person. I honestly never thought I’d hang my large bottom off a metal pole in my lifetime.
She also regularly arranges pole showcases to raise money for local charities too. She really is a good egg.

I’m so grateful our paths crossed at a wedding I photographed in Paris a few years ago.
And as you can probably see your yourself, both our work is incredibly aligned and synergetic so watch this space for a cheeky collaboration or two in the near future.

You can find out more about the work Lisa does as a healer here and her pole dance studio here
Oh, and here’s what she said about our shoot:
“This lady right here is magical!!! 

If you’ve ever met Professional Rebel in person I’m sure you would agree she is full of love, light, happiness & amazing amounts of energy. She lights up any room she walks in & always has the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face.
And I was fortunate enough to have her photograph me.

After asking only a few questions beforehand Maz understood exactly what I was looking for
When I saw the pictures last night my eyes filled with happy tears ?
Not only did this lady make me feel relaxed in front of the camera, she made me forget it was there, it was like having a nice day out in nature with a friend.
The suggestions she made throughout the day brought me out of my shell & then boom! She captured me in all my glory, the real me.
This lady has a gift, a beautiful way of seeing people & the world & a talent to capture those precious moments.
I am overwhelmed by these pictures, I am so honoured to know this beautiful human & I can’t wait til we work together more in the future.
Maz – I honestly can’t thank you enough! ♥️♥️♥️”
And if you’d like to arrange a chat with me to see how I can combine all the elements of your sparkly spirit into a personal branding photoshoot for your business, please drop me an email here.