Marie-Claire Ashcroft, aka The Professional Rebel is a Self Image Specialist – a Personal Brand Photographer and Rebel Confidence Coach for unconventional, quirky and rebellious women.

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Professional Rebel’s

Courage & Confidence Crew

Imagine actually going for it…

Sitting down to write that book you’ve secretly been dreaming about
Starting that life changing project your community desperately needs
Leaving that soul destroying job that has been killing you slowly for years
Setting up your dream business where you get live your purpose and do something you’re actually really good at 
Or even finally committing to, showing up for, and putting more of you into the business you already started but keep hiding from, procrastinating with and sabotaging every single goddamned time you make any bloody progress…
…without imposter syndrome, fear of failure, rejection and humiliation, or giving wayyyy too many shits what other people think of you?

Imagine actually feeling confident enough, brave enough and sassy enough to show up as you in everything you do?


Let’s get you from feeling bad about yourself and not seeing who you really are to feeling confident and brave enough to create the life, and business, you want

Is this you?

Low self-esteem has been a constant companion your whole life
Your lack of self-belief, negative self-talk and imposter syndrome holds you back, whilst your brain runs a million miles an hour
You’re afraid that you’re not up to the job, that you’re going to get “caught out” and laughed at
You fear that people wont like you anymore if you become successful. Somehow you don’t really feel you deserve it
You’d love to be able to be yourself without fear of judgment or humiliation
You’d love to share all your creative ideas without hesitation or anticipation of that mean little voice in your head because “who do you think you are?!” 
You wish you weren’t so sensitive and that your anxiety didn’t make you so neurotic about things
You dream of the day where you overthink a lot less and just get on and do more to achieve your goals
You’re done feeling like you’re just existing – you want to feel more alive and on purpose
You feel like you constantly hold back creating scenarios in your head of what people would think of you before every  decision you make
You’re tired from it all
You just wish you could be yourself, be able to commit to a less conventional path with more confidence, and not keep being afraid of failure and risk
But at the same time, you’re frightened of yourself – you think there’s something in you, you know you have potential but you don’t know how to embrace it or where to even start

Feel like I’m describing you?

Sounds like Professional Rebel’s Courage and Confidence Crew is just what you need!
A community for creatives and business owners who want to develop the courage, confidence and chops to live life unedited
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Here’s what you’ll get access to:

An online environment with constant support, accountability and mentoring with likeminded people with:
Weekly group mastermind calls with me
A content library full of videos, audios, workbooks
A Private community
Guest expert trainings
Personal feedback, mentoring and advice from me
Pre-launch VIP invites, offers or discounts on in-person events and photoshoots
Additional add-on support and mentoring for business owners
Enough already, I want in!
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