Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

For lovely, creative and epic human beans!

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Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Disruptive, engaging and inspiring talks and workshops covering anything from confidence, self esteem, mental health and neurodiversity to authentic personality fuelled photography, marketing, networking and strategies for showing up as yourself in your business.

Perfect for lovely, creative and epic human beans…

…who don’t mind a bit of swearing!

Speaking and Workshop Training Topics

  • Low Self Esteem Killed My Business – My Personal Story 

  • The 7 Signs of Self-Sabotage:How to spot when you’re pressing self destruct on your business, why you’re doing it and how to kick it in the ass!

  • Drop the Mask – How to Network like a Badass, create Authentic Connections and make Business Besties for Life

  • True Selfie: A creative Self Esteem & Confidence Experience guiding you to change the lens through which you see yourself, and the stories that hold you back.

  • Life Unedited: A journey to access the un-lived life inside me – what version of yourself are you putting out into the world?

  • Unconventional & Happy – How to find happiness outside of society’s boxes

  • Take Photos Be Happy – Photography for wellbeing, mindfulness and getting in touch with your emotions

  • How to take selfies for your business without looking, or feeling like a massive knob

  • How to Create Brand Photos that Stand Out – So you don’t look like every other fucker on the Internet!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Self-Acceptance & Confidence
  • Late Discovered Neurodiversity
  • Feeling Like You Don’t Belong
  • Photography & Business
  • Creative No-Fucks-Given Living

That was one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done – to change my thinking in such a short amount of time!!! Really Inspiring!

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