Take Photos
Be Happy

The ultimate guide to using photography for wellbeing!

This 3 part video course and activity book is for you if you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself and want to learn a simple yet creative technique to come back to who you are, put more time and energy into your own wellbeing at last whilst using a camera, or a phone, as a tool to answer some of life’s bigger questions…
Signs you’re disconnected from yourself:
  • You feel numb or overwhelmed
  • You lack a meaning or purpose
  • You feel disconnected from others and the world around you
  • You struggle to name and feel your emotions, or describe what you’re feeling
  • You have a sense of emptiness
  • You’re in a constant battle with your mind
Why you might feel disconnected to yourself:
  • Mental health issues
  • The effect of the pandemic and lockdowns on your mental and physical wellbeing
  • Shitty past stuff your brain has tried to block out
  • People pleasing and poor boundaries
  • Society and conditioning – we’ve not been taught how to connect with ourselves
How can this help you?
  • It’s a way to manage your own positive wellbeing easily and in a way that suits you
  • You’ll learn to appreciate what you have
  • You’ll learn to tell stories about your life and the world around you
  • You’ll find a way to express yourself when you don’t have the words
  • It’s a way to manage and channel your own feelings and emotions
  • As well as make new memories – to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, and keep a record of things that one day you won’t know you’ll come to miss
  • Plus stimulate your brain and get you out the house, particularly in winter aka S.A.D season, and during local lockdowns
And… as well as this, you’ll:
  • Start a new hobby
  • Learn how to be a better photographer, even if you don’t have a proper camera or a creative bone in your body
  • Receive the gift of seeing the world in a different way – through photographer’s eyes
  • Receive a pdf activity book filled with adventures to go on
  • Oh and be mildly entertained by me and my no fucks given attitude to this thing called life
What is covered?
The pressure to be perfect – how it’s affecting our mental health and confidence
How photography helped me – my experience and backstory using a camera to help with depression, anxiety, low self esteem and cPTSD too.
See the world like a photographer – slow down, get our of your head and learn to express yourself with a new hobby
Tell stories like a photographer – understand yourself, the world around you and express yourself when you can’t find the words
How photography can help you – a pdf activity book full of ideas and adventures
The best bit?
This series of 3 epic video trainings and one pdf activity book is only £35!
This is only available until the Black Friday weekend – after that, it’s gone – so make it snappy (pun intended!)