That one time I kidnapped Denise Duffield-Thomas

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I’ve been seeing a few posts about Denise Duffield-Thomas as she’s currently in the UK for a big event and I can’t help giggling about the time when I kidnapped her and took her on an adventure 😂

The year was 2017 and Denise was in the UK on her Money Mindset Tour and I was doing the event photography at the BFI in London.

It was such a good event – I met so many people there that day that I’m still in touch with now.

We were in the green room at the end and all the event merchandise and promotional stuff was coming back, including a life size cardboard cut out.

As Denise was leaving, I noticed she wasn’t taking any of it with her. I asked what was happening and she said she could’t take everything back to Australia, so I took her on an adventure back up north and documented the whole incident on social media for Denise and her fans to giggle at.

We got some funny looks on our travels.

And then she came for a sleepover.

She then lived in my office for a while making a cameo appearance in my videos and trainings, helping me practice my public speaking and regularly making my partner blush whenever he was caught off guard coming out of the bathroom.

And even months later she came to liverpool for a money bootcamp meet up where we played put your money where your mouth is aka pin the (monopoly) money on Denise.

So yeah, whilst I’m a bit sad I wasn’t free to go to the Expert Empires event in London this week, I’ve enjoyed reliving a very silly part of my job.

You get to make the rules in your life and business – even if it includes holding a cardboard cut out hostage for daft social media silliness, don’t forget that x

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