Meet Michelle.

She loves her colourful egg timers.
She’s also an energy editor.
Now I know that may sound a bit woo to some people out there but keep reading, all shall be revealed my pretties.
Michelle takes all the things you can’t see but can feel inside your body and helps you let them go – because in one way or another, they are holding you back.
She focuses her work helping people like you and me shake off that heavy energy inside us that stops us from making the money we deserve to make and have a heap of fun with.
Sometimes you’re not even aware you’re carrying this stuff until it’s gone, you have a full on WT actual F moment asking yourself “was I really carrying all of that?”
I guess it’s very similar to those releases you have after a yoga session, a deep meditation or one of those snot ugly sobs that comes up when you’re due on your period. Except with Michelle, she zooms straight into the thing rather than leaving it up to chance to come up.
You really do feel a shit tonne lighter afterwards.

It was an absolute joy to photograph her at work during her Uplift and Uplevel Event in Shrewsbury last month.
She had me in tears, in stitches and in awe.
What an amazing person – she even had me singing along to show tunes, and if you know me, that that is no mean feat. I loathe musicals haha!

What I loved the most was being amongst women working together for the greater good.
We live in a world that tells women to compete with and judge one another. But magic happens when you put those out-dated systems on the shelf and come together to grow together. I think this is why we’re given such heavy cues to compete in our society, because we really are a force to be reckoned with when we lift each other up and put our shit behind us and I think it scares the dudes who are currently running the shit show we call society.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience this lady’s magic, I highly recommend you take some time to investigate what she does for a living and the impact she has.
Don’t let the idea of woo put you off, have an open mind and be in her playful energy – she has both feet on the ground and her mind is definitely in the gutter.
Honestly, there was so much rudeness and giggling going on whilst getting to experience new techniques and ways to lift yourself up and make a shit load of money without heavy ideas and beliefs telling you that it can’t be fun, that you don’t deserve to shine and all the other crap that gets piled on us as women. And to top it all off, she brought in some fantastic guests like Olivia from Got 2 Sing Choir, Raphael from Reydient Reality and also Roise O’Caollaidhe, an amazing sound healer too!
If you can’t take my word for it, just take a look at the pictures from the event or read the feedback from Michelle below.

“Oh my goodness, talk about fulfilling the brief.
Marie-Claire these are so good, it’s making me cry. You’ve captured it all so perfectly.
Everyone looks so happy. The energy is just incredible. Everyone looks lovely. It really does just capture the spirit of the whole thing. They are magic.
What was lovely this week was that I didn’t have to pick up my camera. I didn’t even think to. I had so much faith in you that it would all work out perfectly and that’s exactly what happened.
I absolutely love them. I am blown away. I’m just so happy, thank you so much!
You’re amazing, so talented.
Thank you so frickin’ much.
You’re a rockstar, thank you.”
To find out more about Michelle’s work and events, visit her website here.
And finally, are you looking for someone shit hot and really lovely to hang out with and photograph your awesome event? Please drop me an email here to book here x